09/05: Claudio JR De Rosa Jazz 4ET - 20.30 uur.


Claudio Jr De Rosa is one of the most prominent upcoming voices of the European Jazz Scene. A great promise to follow with interest during the development of his brilliant career.

Saxophonist, bass clarinetist, arranger and composer Claudio Jr De Rosa (1992) is a rising musician in the European Jazz Scene. Listed in the Top 10 of “Italian Emerging Artists” in 2017, he is as well the winner of several international competition. (“2016 1st Asian Saxophone Congress, Taiwan”, Premio Nazionale “Chicco Bettinardi 2016”, “Louis van Dijck Jazz Award 2016”, to name a few)

Graduated cum Laude with a Master Degree in Classical and Contemporary Saxophone at the Salerno and Rome Conservatories at age 21 (discussing a thesis regarding the Neurological implications During Improvisation), he eventually completed the Master in Jazz Saxophone at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. Since 2007, he performed in many important international venues in Italy, the Netherlands, France, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Canada, Marocco – Umbria Jazz 2018, North Sea Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz 2019, Veneto Jazz, Lantaren Venster, Ibiza Jazz Festival, Anmoggar ‘n Jazz, Taichung Jazz Festival and many more -.

As an arranger, De Rosa wrote music for the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, NJSO, the New Talents Jazz Orchestra, the KonCon Big Band, Filarmonica di Belluno, the CvA Big Band, CJDR Jazz Ensemble. In December 2015 the Dutch Ministry of Finance commissioned him “The Business Suite” for small Big Band. In March 2016 he won the prestigious “Louis van Dijck Jazz Award 2016” for arrangers.

De Rosa is an active member of several ensembles, but mainly leads two projects, both internationally awarded more than once; Zadeno Trio, with whom he released “Holes in the Ground” (2016, Emme Record Label) and “The Step Forward” (2018, Emme Record Label), and the Claudio Jr De Rosa Jazz 4et, with whom he released “Groovin’ Up!”(2017, Incipit Records, distr. EGEA Music) and “Forces” (2019, Incipit Records, distr. EGEA Music).

De Rosa lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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